Take out the trash

A month or so ago we shared a talk with our students about how our words bring life or death. That each word that is spoken to us, about us, from us will be trashed or treasured.

And everyday since then I have had to empty my trash can. Some days more than once. Some days it’s like the words that have to be trashed fill up an old school metal dumpster with no wheels and you have to find some help to get rid of all the junk in there.

There are days it’s fine. And other days, when the weight of those words feel so true – even though they have been trashed – it’s incredibly hard to find the strength to take out the trash.

But trash that is left too long causes problems. It increases stench, your chance for disease and desensitizes you to foul odors and disgust.

So I have had to daily take it out – even if it’s not too bad yet. I have people who ask me often how my trash can is. Words have the power to bring life or death and so I have to 


Take out the trash

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