Miracles happen in the Moments

The last month has been littered with moments where my faith is encouraged and increasing. While I’m in my favorite season of ministry so far – it’s the hardest. My faith is stretched, my ability to learn tested, confidence waning – and I LOVE it.

I love living day to day knowing I will fail if Jesus isn’t involved. It makes ordinary and overlooked moments into miracles.

The student who invites a friend from school – that moment is a miracle

The leader who finds freedom from a past that held her heart captive – that moment is a miracle

The middle schooler and high schoolers who get baptized – those moments become miracles.

The student who is upset and heartbroken when seeing churches miss opportunities to reach her peers – miracle.

I think miracles happen when Jesus comes into a situation and does more than we could imagine. It could be turning water into wine, opening blind eyes, growing limbs, bringing people back to life….and it can be as “small” as showing up in the moments where you KNOW He must show up and give you words to say or you’ll ruin it. A miracle can happen in the moment when a student stops living life on their own and starts looking to God for answers and direction. When He intersects with our life – it will always go beyond what we can do on our own.

So live your miracle of a moment today. Do what you can and then let God move.

Miracles happen in the Moments

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