A Hosea Heart

Currently I’m reading the book of Hosea through She Reads Truth (click there to read online or download the app for your smart device). I’ve read Hosea before and felt so proud of myself for being like Hosea and loving people who were broken and hurt. I found pride in giving people second and third chances, of representing the heart of Jesus that no matter how many time they “turned away” or “walked away” I would still fight for them to come back.

Who did I think I was?

It’s so easy to look at Scripture and type cast myself as the hero or the “good guy” when sometimes I need to face the reality that I, JODY, am the reason a good guy even needs to exist. That I am the heart that wanders, that looks to others sources for strength, encouragement, identity. My heart is the one in need of extravagant grace. I’m the heart on the auction block, tattered, diseased and full of sin. Jesus looks upon my heart daily and says “I love you. I choose you. I want you.”

What a beautiful thing to experience the grace of Jesus. When grace is felt and understood I think there are moments when we can be like Hosea. But I think the best Hoseas are the recovering Gomers.

A Hosea Heart

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