The Calm Before The Storm

It’s event week.

Which means things appear chaotic, crazy, messy yet make perfect sense inside my brain. Event week means little sleep, many emails, and plenty of opportunities to exercise grace and patience with myself and others.

I love the adrenaline of event week; the rush of seeing dreams and plans come to fruition while teams of people bust their behinds to make hope loud to a community of people.

This week I am so thankful for….

  • People who have put in hours of work and brought expertise to areas I lack in
  • A church that believes our actions should be louder than our words
  • A community of people who are faithful and generous givers – making events like this possible
  • Hundreds of volunteers who have brought in presents, prepped rooms and who will show up Saturday ready to love on our community in a way that brings honor and dignity
  • A God who is ever so faithful and patient. Who loves me through my ugly – who gives me grace to try leading again – who created adrenaline and joy – who allows us to be part of families memories

Today is the calm before the storm. It’s the last few hours to check lists twice, cross the t’s and dot the i’s. It’s my least favorite part of events, but today I choose to challenge myself to use these quiet moments to refuel and refocus instead of incessantly check lists and be busy.

Jesus – may your love be loud and felt this weekend.

The Calm Before The Storm

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