…..stormy days

It has rained, and poured, and stormed for days now.

I like the sound of rain on the roof. I do not like the looks of a tornado about to hit as people are crowding the lobby before services.

I like wearing my rain boots through puddles. I do not like getting my teal boots muddy.

I like the rare Monday off coupled with rain.

It has forced me to think and really weigh if I want to leave the house today – which made the few hours I spent working out and chatting with a friend over salad extra special.

The rain makes music feel more powerful – I don’t know why. Maybe it’s b/c it fuels the mood like sun and clouds do. It’s been great today to read, write, talk with a friend over a talk I am struggling to write and rest – with a great playlist in the background.

I am thankful that our landlords finally fixed the leak in our bathroom – it make the rain much easier to deal with.

I’m thankful my windshield wipers work.

I’m thankful for the internet and being able to find some creative recipes to use what food we have so I don’t have to leave the house to go to the store.

I’m thankful to have the house to myself today, the quiet of my room, the distant rumble of thunder, a variety of books to read, and discovering hope. Hope that the talk will come together. Hope that I’m learning to grasp what hope is even about and seeing the practicality of owning it in my life.

Stormy days almost force reflection for me. Maybe it’s the fear of the storm that heightens my insides, the subdued feel the rain emits or the combination of the two that make me think. And today I’m just really thankful for where I am, how I got here and the grace that has been offered to me.

I think today has been great – getting to spend my rainy day reading, writing, music, working out, food, lots of moments to stop and rest and just chat with Jesus – no forced spillage of the guts or methodical studying – just pauses and glances with a good friend.

How do you like to spend your rainy days?

What’s on your rainy week playlist?

…..stormy days

Thoughts on…..Working Out

Do you work out? If so – what’s your regimen? No, really, I want to know.

  • Working out is humbling – b/c I stink at it right now.
  • When I work out I sound/look/resemble/feel like I’m 80
  • I like working out – I like sweating as long as
    • It doesn’t touch/pool up by my armpits
    • It’s because I’m working and making progress not just b/c it’s hot outside
    • The air isn’t stagnant
    • I have deodorant and spray in my bag
  • I would rather work out both inside and out then just one
  • I like to work out with a trainer or buddy – otherwise I quit as soon as I feel 80
  • I don’t see results very fast – but my buddy always does
  • Did I mention that working out is humbling?
  • I think up-downs were what the first person who cusses was doing when they came up with 4 letter words.
  • I have realized how pale I am – like hello I need some sun so I stop blinding truck drivers when we are jumping outside
  • I feel better when I work out
  • Someone bought me a running belt – now I feel obligated to run – I have yet to put action to that obligation
  • It’s something selfish that I do – working out is my time, for me, and…I actually like having that time for myself.
  • It alone is not enough for results
  • It gives me lots of ammo for cheesy metaphors and lovely parallels to other aspects of my life
Example: working out is not enough to see full weight loss/image goals. You have to eat correctly too. PARALLEL – going to church is not enough to see Spiritual growth/see goals met. You have to serve, join a connect group, own it to see that full potential pan out.
I know this post/series is riveting. Just wait until next week – I really am excited about that post. But for now let’s hear your fitness strategies.
Thoughts on…..Working Out

On Blogging…

Why do I blog?

I have been asked this question a couple times lately.

So why do I blog? Because I want to be authentic. Because I want to process. Because I think blogs can be venues that Jesus works through. Because I want you to have a raw look at what Jesus is doing. Heather is getting ready to do this with a Compassion trip and I am jealous! I loved blogging through Nashville and sharing that with you guys and can’t wait to have another fun/challenging/hit you in the face trip to blog about.

I don’t proofread my blogs. This might drive some of you crazy. But for me that is part of the process of blogging. I want you to have the raw feelings I had after Nashville without me going back and worrying about commas and word choice. I’m not perfect. Neither are my stories, or my blog.

I blog not because I want friends who pat me on the back and say o what a terrific post but because I believe that by blogging people can be encouraged, challenged, and pushed beyond themselves. If you’re my friend and I see you and talk to you I can do these things. If you are a stranger and read my blog I get to have the same opportunities that I would have if we were face to face friends.

I blog because it’s fun. I recently got to meet Brandi and it was fun to go back through our blogs and laugh at how our friendship unfolded.

I blog because part of me loves to write but I don’t know enough to write a book yet.

I blog because it keeps my sweet friends and family up to date all at once.

But the real truth is………………..


I blog because I don’t want to do my homework.

On Blogging…